Christopher Kennedy

Christopher Kennedy

Christopher Wade Kennedy has spent the last two decades in executive leadership roles within the Healthcare Provider, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device and Clinical Research sectors. His efforts in making Patient Experience a measurable outcome have been featured by The Beryl Institute, The Wharton School, a PBS TV Special, and a 2019 Ted Talk presentation. He actively serves on multiple industry advisory boards which have included MOBIO, URAC, NASP, and The Kauffman Foundation’s Skilled KC initiative. Christopher currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer for mdgroup, a recognized leader in providing clinical trial participant management services in the pharmaceutical,
biotech, and medical device research industries. mdgroup is a global firm based in the United Kingdom with offices in Ireland, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the USA. The organization has been on the frontlines of current COVID-19 research efforts around the world and continues to pioneer better ways to decentralize clinical trials.

Christopher is recognized for pioneering innovative healthcare solutions. He recently led a world-renowned scientific team in launching the first out-licensed technology from the Stowers Institute for Medical Research. Previously, Christopher was presented with the 2018 American Telemedicine Association (ATA) President’s Award for Innovation for developing a virtual solution for rare disease care management. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) “Hacking Medicine” program also highlighted  Christopher’s work as a top-ranked breakthrough. Christopher credits his time at The Wharton School for learning the fundamentals of “Innovation Tournaments” to rapidly deliver critical healthcare solutions. He also studied under Michael Porter and Robert Kaplan at Harvard Business School’s Value-Based Care program to adopt the fundamentals of Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TDABC) for the launch of forward-looking healthcare models.

Christopher’s passion can be found in community and civic efforts to help vulnerable populations. He and his wife Kelly serve in leadership roles within their church and hold board positions with other local non-profit organizations. Together, they enjoy making lasting memories with their four children: Ty (11), Finn (9), Emilia (6), and Teo (1).

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